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Why Nike Pre-Draft Camp?

We want to support the development of the next generation of elite youth basketball players by providing them with the position specific training, game situation strategies and skill development techniques used by the best Nike basketball players in the world.


What is Nike Pre-Draft Camp?

Nike Pre-Draft Camp (PDC) is modeled after Nike’s Elite National Skill Academies hosted by LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce and Amar’eStoudemire. Prior to the development of PDC, this experience was only available to select number of elite basketball players…until now.


Who is PDC for?

Through the PDC, players currently attending the 6th – 12th grade can receive the special preparation and training developed by the best coaches for the best athletes. There is no better way to improve your play, than learning the secrets from the master PDC instructors.


How we assist parents and coaches in the amateur basketball landscape.

In addition to the player’s camp, there is a presentation for parents and guardians on elite youth basketball and the AAU basketball system. Parents and guardians will learn the reality and myth surrounding grassroots basketball and its impact on players new to the system.

  • PDC is for all 6th – 12th grade age players.
  • PDC will train you like an elite player.
  • PDC will improve your ability and increase your confidence on the basketball court.
  • PDC will explain the amateur basketball system to parents and guardians.

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